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Although the oil and gas industry continues to offer countless employment opportunities, more and more workers have experienced violations of their federal rights. They often find that their employers failed to pay overtime, despite working more than 40 hours a week. It is not uncommon for oilfield workers to have more than 100-hour workweeks and fail to receive the proper amount of compensation.

If you are a current or former oilfield worker who has been the victim of wage and overtime violations committed by an employer, Farah Law can help you file a lawsuit in order to recover the money you’re owed. Our McAllen employment attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that oilfield workers receive the pay they deserve for their hard work.

Seeking Justice for Withheld Oil Field Wages and Unpaid Overtime

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was established to protect workers from employers who may otherwise take advantage of their employees. Under the law, employers are required to pay an overtime premium to non-exempt employees of 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked over the 40-hour work week limit, and also pay at least minimum wage for all hours worked. Employers who illegally fail to pay these workers overtime may be liable for paying what they owe to employees, which includes past unpaid overtime, as well as liquidated and compensatory damages.

The most common forms of violations include:

  • Pay flat rates, day rates or shift rates rather than paying the number of hours the employee worked.
  • Failure to pay for time spent working off the clock, before and after scheduled work shifts.
  • Deny overtime to salaried employees.
  • Improperly apply overtime exemptions on oilfield workers.
  • Improperly label a worker as an independent contractor.
  • Not include extra pay in overtime and bonus calculations.

If an employer is found to have violated the FLSA by not properly compensating their oilfield employees, the workers may be entitled to back pay for up to two to three years, liquidated damages, and attorney fees.

Ready to Help You Collect the Money You Deserve

To file a claim against your employer for failure to pay proper wages and overtime, our McAllen employment lawyers at Farah Law can help you understand your rights and navigate through the complexities of the legal system. We understand that oil companies are backed by powerful legal teams, but we are not afraid to go up against them to protect your rights and the rights of other oilfield workers.

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