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At Farah Law, we understand your rights and are well acquainted with the laws that outline how employers are to treat employees. One of the most important laws that protects American workers is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938. This law outlines employees’ rights concerning hours, wages, overtime pay, and recordkeeping.

When you come to us worried that your employer may be violating your rights, we have the skill and experience to determine whether they have behaved in a manner contrary to the protections in the FLSA. If your claim is viable, we may be able to help you recover unpaid wages and other damages. Allow us to come alongside you help you decide the best course of action going forward.

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What Does the FLSA Say About Workers’ Rights?

According to the provisions in the FLSA, employers are required to do the following:

  • Meet state and federal minimum wage standards
  • Provide overtime pay
  • Adhere to child labor laws
  • Keep records regarding pay, hours worked, etc.

FLSA Exemptions

Not all workers are protected by the FLSA, due to the nature of their industry or the particular demands of their job. For example, people who employ agricultural laborers and movie theater employees are not subject to all of the same restrictions as employers in other industries. Employers in federally-regulated industries are also not subject to FLSA guidelines. However, all employees have certain rights, regardless of whether you are in an FLSA-exempt role or industry.

Employers sometimes wrongfully classify their employees as exempt in order to avoid paying overtime, meeting the minimum wage, or providing workers’ compensation coverage. If you are considered an independent contractor despite functioning as a full-time employee, you may have reason to worry. However, you should always consult with an attorney and receive a confidential case evaluation before proceeding.

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