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If you have been served with a domestic violence restraining order in Houston, it is vitally important that you do everything you can to avoid violating the terms of the order. Whether the order was the result of an arrest after a domestic violence incident or if the alleged victim obtained the order by petitioning the court, it holds the force of law for you. In the event that you are caught in violation of any of its terms, you can be arrested and face charges of contempt of court.

This is true even if your spouse or partner initiates contact with you and expresses a wish to reconcile - the decision to uphold or to drop the order is the court's to make, not your spouse or partner's. Fortunately, a McAllen criminal defense attorney from Farah Law can help you bring a petition to court to have the order modified or dropped so that you can get your life back in order, as well as defending you against the criminal charges you now face.

Texas Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence, which Texas law refers to as 'family violence,' is not limited to violence or abuse perpetrated by one spouse upon another. It also includes dating violence, as well as violent behavior directed against spouses, children, and roommates—anyone with whom you share a household. It can take the form of actual violence such as assault, rape or molestation, as well as emotional and verbal abuse such as threats, harassment, stalking, or even trespassing. Prosecutors in McAllen, Houston, and throughout Texas take a tough stance against domestic violence, so you need proven legal defense to help you fight back against the allegations and to clear your name.

Whether you are being targeted with false allegations or if you find yourself in this position after a heated argument flew out of control, you can contact our firm now for a confidential free consultation during which you will have the opportunity to tell your side of the story and discuss your legal options.

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